A Trip Down Memory Lane

by Joseph Fulford, Historian

First printed in the Boone News 50th Anniversary Edition, Summer 1994

After hours and hours of long, hard research through the many years of the existence of the Boone Lake Improvement Association I have compiled a list of the more memorable events that have shaped the Association through its early years. As I have painstakingly tried to recreate history as it actually happened, please keep in mind that my research is solely based upon the minutes of the Association meetings through the years. Please forgive me if the following is not completely accurate. I feel confident that you'll find the following list of fifty events extremely interesting.

August 27, 1944. First meeting ever of the Boone Lake Improvement Association.

July 22, 1945. A working party to clear the building site was organized and will start work at 10 a.m. Sunday, July 29.

July 28, 1945. The meeting was held on the platform that will be the foundation of the new clubhouse.

June 30, 1946. "Report on electric lights that due to the shortage of both transformers and copper wire we will have to be patient a little longer."

July 28, 1946. Mrs. Irene Lauro voted onto Membership Committee. Mr. Angelo Lauro voted onto Building Committee.

July 28, 1946. Telephones at the lake only when urgent at the following three homes: Restivo's, Bonat's and Charles Johnson's.

July 28, 1946. Applications for electricity were distributed.

August 31, 1946. Mrs. Irene Lauro appointed Vice President.

June 7, 1947. Mr. Mileski appointed to serve on the Membership Committee.

June 28, 1948. Treasurer's Report: Town of Exeter taxes $4.95.

July 31, 1948. New member: Mr. Joseph E. Stubbs, Jr., 211 Doric Avenue, Cranston.

September 4, 1948. Way and Means Committee for 1949: Mr. Hawker, Mrs. Hawker, Mr. Mileski, Mr. Lauro.

July 9, 1949. Fish Committee: Mr. Grable and Mrs. Lauro.

July 9, 1949. "After some discussion about completion of the interior of the club house, it was decided to fix the windows and install electricity immediately...."

July 9, 1949. Insurance for the club house for year 1949: $26.00.

August 27, 1949. Disbursements during fiscal year 1949 for building of club house: $715.23.

August 27, 1949. "A rising vote of thanks were given to Mr. Bond for his generous contribution of the installation of electricity in the club house."

July 1, 1950. Narragansett Electric Company: Electricity for the club house from September 1949 to June 1950: $9.03.

July 29, 1950. New member, George Heffernan, Oakland Beach, R.I.

August 26, 1950. Building Committee: "It was voted that Mr. Tipple draw up specifications for a kitchen and a toilet room to be attached to the club house."

June 21, 1951. Addition of kitchen and toilet room approved after careful consideration; budget not to exceed $500.

July 28, 1951. "A motion was made and seconded to put six speed signs around the lake and a large one for the entrance . . . 20 miles per hour.

June 14, 1952. Mrs. Anna Stubbs voted onto the Young People's Activity Committee.

March 16, 1953. An emergency meeting was held and suggestions were made that an emergency bridge be built until water receded to the washout at the culvert on March 14, 1953. Resort Properties was asked for financial aid. Cause of washout: Hurricane Carol.

July 11, 1953. A Special meeting by Mr. Grable concerning discussion about turning the roads over to the Town of Exeter. A motion was made and seconded that we should consult a lawyer and "do things legally before roads are turned over."

August 28, 1954. New member, Mr. Larry Recchia.

August 28, 1954. It was voted to install a well for the club house for next year. The vote was unanimous.

March 29, 1955. The West Greenwich Drilling Company quoted a price on drilling a well for the club house. Drilling started March 29, 1955.

April 14, 1955. The West Greenwich Drilling Company reported that water was reached at 65 feet for the sume of $390. Complete installation: $610.

June 26, 1955. Vice President Mr. Joseph Stubbs' resignation was read and accepted with regret.

August 20, 1956. New member, Mr. Charles Fulford.

July 14, 1958. Boone Lake roads turned over to the Town of Exeter.

July 27, 1959. New members, Nelson Andrews, Hobart Arnold, Mike Gingerella, William Greenfelder, Louis Thavenet and William Young.

August 13, 1960. Monthly Bingo.

July 23, 1961. A discussion regarding moving the club house to a waterfront spot. Everyone was in favor. Joe Stubbs to check on land that could be used for such a project.

July 2, 1962. Discussion regarding "a house" which could be installed over the gate operating mechanism on the dam.

July 10, 1963. Meeting with the Town Council to discuss the control of the boat speed on the lake.

July 10, 1963. Twelve to fifteen year round families lived on the lake.

July 5, 1964. Report that the roads on the lake be posted with speed limit signs of 15 miles per hour. Approved by Town Council, July 26, 1964.

August 24, 1964. New members, William and Mary Russell.

June 28, 1965. New members, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mageau, Mrs. Frieda and Miss Dorothy Grable, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. Farrell Hasney and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cofone.

March 29, 1966. New safety rules discussed regarding horsepower of boat motors. Restricting horsepower to 40. Also, limiting number of waterskiiers to two per boat.

June 5, 1966. Maximum horsepower of 45 voted and approved by Association.

June 11, 1966. New members: Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Woodmansee.

June 11. 1966. New water safety rules challenged by various members.

March 30, 1967. Petition for "Safety on the Lake" go to General Assembly. General Assembly passes resolution.

May 25, 1967. First Fourth of July fireworks approved. Money allocated $150 and a professional to set them off; however, did not happen.

August 3, 1970. New member: Jeffrey Belmonte.

October 31, 1974. Supreme Court upholds boating regulations of 45 horsepower.

August 13, 1994. Boone Lake community celebrates the 50th anniversary of creation of the Boone Lake Improvement Association.

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