Dam Repair Photographs (2004 - 2005)

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Where has all the water gone?
Joe's house
A view looking north
A stream that feeds the lake
A view looking south
Stone wall from the
lake's "past-ure"
More stone walls
It sounded like a lot of money then
A resident publicly "thanks" the board
A view looking north
Where has all the water gone?
Boulders usually under
the lake's surface
Downstream from the dam
The island at the south end
Another day ends at Boone Lake
Manicuring a water front
Installing the new gate
The new gate with nylon sides and stainless tubing
Grating on the entrance to the gate house
Heavy equipment used for repairs
A view of where the lake was
Anybody seen my boat?
Water starting to return
Fall with little water in the lake
More views...
More views...
More views...
Anybody recognize this guy?
A president's work is never done
Heavy equipment
A job well done

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