Boone Lake aerial photographAbout Boone Lake in Exeter, Rhode Island

Boone Lake is a 47-acre privately owned lake in Exeter, RI, and is part of the
Wood-Pawcatuck watershed. The lake is on the Roaring Brook in Washington County,
Rhode Island, and is used for recreation purposes. Construction was completed in 1885.

Boone Lake dam is masonry, a gravity dam of earthen construction. Its height is 21 feet with a length of 265 feet. Maximum discharge is 472 cubic feet per second. Its capacity is 360 acre feet (over 15 million cubic feet). Normal storage is 295 acre feet (over 12 million cubic feet). It drains an area of 2.5 square miles.

Boone Lake is managed and funded by lake residents via the Boone Lake Dam Management District (BLDMD), established in 2007. Information about the Boone Lake Dam Management District is available in the Dam District section of this website.

Important Information for Residents

Lake Level Control

Boone Lake sluicewayThe water level of the lake is controlled using a hand-operated gate at the dam. Raising the gate allows more water to flow down the sluiceway (shown in the photograph), relieving pressure on the dam.

Gate status: The gate is open
to keep the lake at the 5-foot drawdown level.

Special Meeting of the Boone Lake Dam Management District (BLDMD)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at 7 PM in the Library at the Metcalf Middle School

The purpose of this meeting is to review board-initiated amendments to the BLDMD ordinances and for other matters that may legally come before the meeting. Agenda...

Rules of the Lake

Check the Lake Rules section on this website for all boating and swimming regulations. These regulations are enforced by the Town of Exeter and by the State Department of Environmental Management (DEM).

Federal Emergency Management Association logoEmergency Action Plan (EAP)

In the event of an emergency relating to the dam and lake, immediately call 911 to begin the notification process, and then refer to the Emergency Action Plan section on this website for more information.


Boone News

Check out the Boone News for Spring 2017 (PDF). Read about the annual earth day cleanup, septic system pumping, lake rules, and how to keep our lake healthy.

Quarterly Report from the Boone Lake Gatekeeper

Visit the News tab for the November 2017 quarterly report from our Boone Lake Gatekeeper.

Boone Lake Facebook Group

Boone Lake has a Facebook group! Search for BooneLakeExeterRI and "like" this page to get information about and photographs of the lake.

Email Notifications

If you would like to be notified by email about meetings and other activities please send your email address to this email (boonelakeri @ If your email address has changed in the last year, please send an updated email address. Some email addresses are bouncing.

Contact Us

Boone Lake Dam Management District
P.O. Box 444, Wyoming, RI 02898-0444
Email (boonelakeri @

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